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B2MCITY Grad Community was founded by Stefan Stan. He is a specialist in Advertising and Branding passionate Safari& Guerilla author and blockchain investor.

Stefan have researched the problems graduate students are facing in 2020, and he found a problem himself was struggling to solve it. Founding a nice shared home to live in UK.

Next big move was to scale the problem and he meet C, a nice software developer and salesman from Birmingham who is a Landlord with +8 houses shared to graduates. C challenged Stefan to come to live in one of his houses. He did it.

Stefan is a good author of advertising and branding strategy and he solved immediatly the branding issue to scale to a global audience his solution for graduates who are living in shared houses, and they need good opportunities to develop their careers to earn money, collaborating with other people.

Stefan founded B2MCITY, a website community where men and women cand find shared houses, opportunities and to make friends!

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